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Previous two comments: Random Whine

Anyway, this was great. I feel the exact way with those 'Girl Gamers' most of them just wanting attention. It's terrible..

Great video!

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Veeery nice

Wow! Super nice and great, and the sad part here is really depressing, but watching the whole video actually made my day. Inspiring and a very interesting idea, this is artistic! Great job! :-D

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Cool idea, but really..

It's an awesome idea you had an you kept the idea awesome, but it really didn't turn out anything special. Cool thing that so many artists are working 'together', but I don't see any way it means that it's a good flash, because I personally don't think it was. I notice how a lot people are giving you nines and tens, because you are working together and because you obviously are 'famous', but that is just wrong. Also any comments giving you critics or isn't a '10' is also getting voted as useless, pff...

I didn't find this anywhere near special, unique or in any way fun, even though I believe you had a lot of fun making this flash.

Noodle responds:

I'd like to think I'm Newgrounds famous, but I really don't think that's the case. Maybe some day. A boy can dream....

But really, I hope people aren't giving it 10's just because it's a collab. I agree that that's not a good enough reason to give a high rating. But I truely hope that all of those people legitemately were entertained by the concept, and what we managed to accomplish here.

And yes, I had a blast making it, and that's more important to me than high scores :D

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I didn't get this. Two words that allways has 49 - 51% connection to eachother.
No matter what you typed, this was just bad. I liked the music.

Great but games starting all over

Great game. Just didn't like to start all over after sleeping. That took away my interrest. Penalty where you loose everything in games, is just bad.

titch007uk responds:

I wish people would stop saying 'loose everything'

You don't loose -everything- you just loose your levels and get sent back to the starting area. You get to keep Gems, Checkpoints and Skills.

Good idea, but missed my mission

Game worked perfectly and with some improvements here and there it could turn out just very awesome!!

Except from Level 1, I was totally blank what I had to shoot, maybe do some kind of mark so people know what to shoot. Nontheless, it was a great game!
Like a real sniper, you got one shot to kill, sweet idea, missed a game like this!

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You make a lot of awesome stuff that are in many ways unique, but I think this one stands out from your other tracks in a bad way. This is too boring, too dull. I understand the genre of trance, but this is simply too generic. Don't get me wrong, the track itself is not bad, hence the decent vote, but there's absolutely nothing particularly interesting about it.

When I listen to your stuff I usually imagine a thousand of different ways it can be used for video games or for a specific scene in a video because it has such an odd (In a good way) feeling to it. This, however, does not, and it sounds like something I could've made, which is definitely not a good thing.

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Waterflame responds:

Thank you for the feedback! :) Ill Keep it in mind.

You've done an outstanding job for this track although I feel like some of the volumes of the tunes used could be lowered so it doesn't kill everything else that is going on.

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Daiski responds:

Thanks for review. -)

Great PsyTrance. This is definitely going into my playlist, thank you for this :-)

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